Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Looking Professional at Work-While in Kasper Suits or Not

When you’re being employed in a law office, investment bank, consulting agency, govt bureau, big-time company, or any kind of significant, corporate work place as an intern, you’ll view a great deal of individuals in business suits. Yet suits traditional suits can be extremely stuffy as well as completely needless for an intern. Given that you’re not a full-time staff member, you don’t have to wander about resembling Hilary Clinton every single day. It is possible to still look smart and professional without having to sacrifice your own personal style. As opposed to purchasing  three-piece Kasper suits, combine classy separates and make your accessories basic and professional looking.

Some more suggestions for business fashion:

  • Keep away from sequins, metallics, as well as flashy designs.
  • Don't dress in a miniskirt or mini dress. In the event you position your arms at your sides and then the ends of one's fingertips hang below the hemline, it’s way too short. And absolutely no cleavage should be showing.
  • Don’t put on pantyhose unless of course all of the females within your workplace are dressed in them-it’s not often needed.
  • Certainly no jeans, cargo pants, or even slim cropped pants. Should you choose to be dressed in pants, they must be traditional, tailored trousers in a fairly neutral color choice.
  • Even when they’re super-tailored, shorts will never be acceptable for any company environment.
  • Flats will be alright so long as they’re basic ballerina flats. Oxfords are also acceptable.
  • Make investments in some traditional button downs in natural cotton, chiffo, and silk. They will end up being your good friends.

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  1. Great office dressing tips there.

    You have taken time to articulate the absolute No-No's in corporate environments.

    Thanks for sharing. BTW, I own 2 Kasper suits and love the smart fit:)